Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Basement

For Warhammer to survive in my home I have decided that within the next couples week I will start my adventure of completing my basement.
I currently own a 32x22 basement. It has a walkout path, and also has a washer and dryer.
Curretly my camera is missing and I am in progress on cleaning a couple rooms in my house in search of it. When the camera arises out of its hiding spot, I will post some pictures of the progress.
Currently my basement has only one frmaed wall which I did with the help of my neighbor Bob. I have also purchased enough 2x4s to finish the rest of the basement. But the design of it im not completely sure on.
Right now I am thinking of just getting the remainer walls framed, and making a utility closet for my power control and the water main, and a closet for the Washer and dryer. Outside of that it will be an open basement. Though I have been throwing around that one side of the basement will be carpetted for children to play in, and having another room just for Warhammer.
I am also thinking about making a room just for the dogs near the sliding doors that lead out.