Sunday, February 28, 2010

Get 'er done!!

This weekend I got some good progress on my basement.
I got the one long wall totally complete framing-wise, and another started.
For the one wall, it was bowing some, and according to the structural engineer, it needs pressure treated wood 2x6s 12" from center. WHAT A PAIN!!!! Then further more, he wanted the frames Anchored with a 5inch anchors every 16 inches. Not so bad if you have the correct tools :/

And the above picture, believe me its pain enough to move around 2x6 pressure treated frames (HOLY COW they are HEAVY), it is even more of a pain, getting it behind the big poop pipe there. We actually had to move the move the pipe out a little bit, and that is why you see two black connectors on the left. It use to snug against the wall, and I decided I didn't want to lose that much room.
Finishing that wall took most my time this weekend. Now we can call the stinking structural engineer who originally looked at the wall, and have him pass it off.

I then started on the wall that will be part of the kids room. This room took some thought because I was trying to figure out how to go around all the pipes. Once I figured out what I was going to do, I only was able to get half of it done as shown in picture.

So basically what you see here, is the start of a half wall that will serve as a type of shelving. When I dry wall this area, I will have a nice 8 inch shelf that will be nice for putting some toy containers up on. Maybe when the kids grow, we can either put books up there, or mount a nice TV on the wall, and have it a game room ..Mouahahahaha... Don't tell the wife.

Hopefully this week I'll get my whole basement framed up. Then i got to go buy some insulation and electrical stuff.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Getting started

Today I am prepping my basement and hopefully am able to get some work done this weekend, and get this baby going. My goal this weekend, is to put up the framing with my buddy Bob from across the street. After thats done, i can work here and there on the sheet rock and insulation. Pretty excited.