Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just around the corner...

Sorry for the late post here. Lots of things happened since my last post, including a trip to California.
Last Thursday I was able to get a lot of the framing done. First as you can see in the picture below, I was able to finish off the utility closet, putting in a 30 inch door. Next on my list is to finish the wall to the right of this closet.

Below is another view of the closet, and the wall.
So as you can see at the top of the picture below, I have a large beam that goes across the house. I am still trying to figure out the best way to build a bulkhead around it. But I will get to that later.

So the next picture is where things got interesting. I have now my first casualty in working the basement. What happened was, the hammer drill I was using to drill wholes so that I can put in 3 1/2 inch anchors died on me. It was its time, it served a good 10 years. So we had to resolve to good ol' fashioned cut nails, which you just have to bang and bang through the wood and concrete. Atleast we were closing in on the last wall to put up. Well, as it goes we were bang in a few of these cut nails, and apparently the concrete was so hardened, we broke the cut nail, and the top part of it flew in to the sliding glass door. Luckily its a doubled pained door, and I taped it up, so that the broken pain would not fall in, and if it did, it would be all in one piece.

The picture below shows the taped up sliding door, and the rest of the framing around it. I guess it is as good as a time as any, to buy a new sliding door. Definitely before I drywall this area. :/

Below is closeup of the shatter

So what is next, what do I have left. Well wood wise, I have two bulk heads to complete, as you can see in the next two pictures, one around the poop pipe, and the other around this ventilation shaft and beam. I am also thinking of instead of boxing that pole you see in the next picture, is to either wrap it with a sweet looking rope, or carpet it. Depends on what flooring i get i guess. Also after I get that done, I am hoping to get electricity done this weekend, and start doing the insulation and drywalling done. So much work ahead.

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