Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Getting close

So today, i took a half day off to work on my basement more. Here are some pics of my work.

The above picture is a framing around where the poop pipe comes down, and made a small access panel for the plummer if he should ever need access there
Here I frame out a door to the laundry room.
In the picture above, I was thinking about how to go about this pipe, as said in a previous post, and basically we went with this design, where next I will put a 10" plate, so that i will have a 9.5 inch shelf 4 ft high. Not bad, I think this will come in real handy
So this is the new wall that I put up that included the door way up above, that will split the kids room and the laurdy/storage room. My daughter is so excited when i showed her this room. She started planning on everything she wants to do with this room. Including moving all her toys down here so that she can have a clean room, and she also plans to bring Chloe our little dog and Baby Eizabeth (who's due date is around may 3rd) and play with both of them there.

This has been a really fun project so far. I have done some electrical, but not much here as you have seen in some of the pictures. On Saturday i am hoping to get a lot more in the electrical area, throughout the basement. I am planning in doing a drop ceiling with recessed lighting. It should look pretty good.

Also this room, the play room, I can now start doing the sheet rocking, which will also be an adventure. I dont need to wait much longer for the rest of the basement to get done. YAY

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  1. That's awesome progress man! I can't wait to see how it looks once the walls are up (sheet-rocked as it were). I'm very impressed!