Monday, March 15, 2010

Storage Room/Utility closet

So this weekend it rained pretty good, and thought to myself, well, i cant do any work outside, lets see what I can do inside. So I decided to work on the basement.
I got about 2 hours of work done, before I actaully ran out of 2x4s which was a bummer, because I was in the middle of completing a small walk in closet which I will show you pictures of.

First off, I worked on the frame/door way of the storage room. As you remember, I framed up the other half last week, so this week, i wanted to finish this end, so that I have that room mostly complete.

So the above picture is standing next to the washer and dryer, looking at the new wall. I am putting in a 36 inch door there, in case i need to bring anything out or in, like the washer and dryer. Then you can see past it, is the walk out for the basement.

The picture above is where I am looking from the outside in for the storage room. It actually didn't take too long, as I had figured out what mostly to do when working on the previous door way.

The picture above, on the right side, I am building a small walk in closet for the breaker box and the water main. I thought about just building a smaller closet just for the breaker box, and a small box around the water main switch, but if you notice on top, i didn't want to move where the water main pipes were going, so I just built around it.

Here, you can see its incomplete due to lack of wood, and if it weren't raining, i would have gotten more wood, but i didn't want to go anywhere in the down pooring rain.
I think if i get 45 more 2x4s I should be good, and be able to complete the framing of my basement.
What do you all think of that?


  1. Great progress man! It's really shaping up. It's good too see how you're envisioning it :)

  2. Its alot of work, but someones gotta do it. Hopefully i will inspire others to work on their homes!!!