Monday, April 5, 2010

little is more than none

This Easter weekend I was able to get 4 more outlets run, and I am to a point where I can start drywalling both the kids playroom and my recreational room. Wednesday I am setup to finish the bulkheads, and hoping by this saturday I can start stapling up the insulation.

I think the only other thing I might be doing before drywalling, is running a line for a baseboard heater. Other than that, I think all that is left is the following:
  1. Insulation
  2. Drywall
  3. Taping
  4. Muding
  5. Sanding
  6. Painting
  7. run the rails for the drop ceiling (alot easier than drywalling the ceiling for now)
  8. and of course the flooring.

The biggest pain I foresee is steps 2-5, and 7 everything else should be pretty easy and standard. We will see.


  1. If someone stopped spending all their time on their PS3, they'd probably be done! :-P.

    I can certainly help with some of those things, by the way. The ones that are more time-consuming than hard :).

  2. I would love your help, in fact this week, if I can get the bulk heads done, I will probably go ahead and buy the insulation which I can staple up, I hear that is the easy part of this whole thing, drywalling will be just around the corner. Probably start that off the week after or so. Hoping to get it all done before Baby Elizabeth Arrives.