Sunday, April 11, 2010

Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel yet?

Sorry for this late post, I have been recovering from a really long Friday, which of which I have completed 95% of the drywalling details. As I started out drywalling the kids playroom,I learned pretty quickly that you want to start drywalling where you start the framing, that is to say, if you frame the walls left to right, then drywall left to right. Because if you start at the opposite end, there will be a large chance that your drywall wont line up. Though there are still possibilities that if you start from the same side, the studs wont line up because they are bowing, or when you put them up, they were off a little. Either way, you can put up what boards that are called nailers. A Nailer is used for not support of any kind except that you can screw your drywall into if needed. As I went through this process Friday, I had most nailers up predicting where I would need them for the drywall, but there were a few that I missed, mainly because of inexperience on my part.

Now for the pictures:
This first picture is of the kids playroom, without the bulk head being done. But you will find later that i did get it done eventually, just not at first. Enjoy...

Here I got that bulkhead complete.

Here is the door of the kids playroom looking into the storage room. What I learned on this, wall, was that you keep on drywalling as normal past the door, and then once the drywall is hung, from the opposite side of the door, you cut out the frame as shown below...

Here is the Utility Closet

And the wall next to the utilitiy closet
Here is a picture standing next to the sliding door looking in. As you can see on the far left wall, at the end, that I put a light switch there. I will have that junctioned into recessed lights for the room.

Here is the other door looking into the storage room.

Because I haven't replaced the sliding door, I decided not to drywall this last section.

Here is the last bulkhead, which is partially finished, due to it was getting late (started at 7am, and it was already 5:30pm) and also I am still trying to figure out what to do with that pole. Been going back and forth about either boxing it, or wrapping it.

So whats next?

Well Monday, my wife Susann and I are going to go pick out a door, then hoping on Saturday to take out, and put in new door. You obviously want to do that all in one day, so that is why i am picking up the door on Monday, so it doesn't take away time from Saturday to get this project done.

I am also thinking of starting the tapping , mudding and sanding of the drywalls. That will be the most painful and tedious task left to do.

Once I get that done, I will be doing the drop ceiling. Once the rails are strung up, I will complete the recessed lighting to the rooms, and have the power plugged in for the outlets that I ran and the lights.

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  1. Hi, Dad and I had so much fun reading and seeing your posts. You have tackled a huge job and it looks GREAT! We are impressed with your hard work. Your home will be lots more enjoyable and look at all you are learning! I'm sure going to miss being with you Frans when the baby is born. I really enjoyed my time with you when Sarah was born. Dad is going to be some time healing. But we have hope now and can see improvement daily.
    Love, Mom