Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stay on target... Stay on TARGET!!!!!!

Today I stayed home from work to get some basement work done. And boy I think it payed off. First we had to work on the two remaining bulkheads. Basically around the Poop pipe as shown here in the first two pictures, an the other in the third pic down. They actually went alot quicker than I thought, and I was able to do some pullups on them, so I know they are sturdy enough put drywall them.

YES!!! I now got all the framing done that I can see. I also put enough nailer boards in that when it comes time to drywalling, it should be pretty easy. Well, not easy, but easier than without them.

Now I was also able to run down to Home Depot and grab 250 dollars worth of insulation. I grabbed both R-13 Insulation for the 2x4s as shown in the first pic here and for the 2x6s I got the R-19 grade Insulation. Now my mother warned me about China built insulation, because of some poor quality grade insulation that was supposedly cheap, so I tried to make sure it wasn't. Happy Mom?

So the next few pictures is of the insulation of the walls. With the insulation, its a alot easier to vision and feel what the basement will be.

Also a key note is, Insulation was WAY easier than i thought to install, just stuff it in there. I have a staple gun that I will use to staple the inner wall insulation, i just need to get the staples for it. But other than that, i am now ready to drywall my basement!!!! YES!!!!!!

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  1. That looks fantastic man! That's a boatload of progress!!

    I gotta admit though, the most impressive part was you saying you could do a pull-up. Who knew? ;)