Saturday, July 3, 2010

Battle Report #1

Now that I have started to write about Warhammer events, I will be reporting on hopefully all my Warhammer battles.

Friday July 2nd I was able to get in two games in 3 hours vs two different opponents who coincidently had the same Army race (Warriors of Chaos) And since I had only brought my one list (modified some because of different point values for the games) I had a better understanding of what I could do going into the battles.

Originally I brought 2750 points, but neither opponent had that many models or enough stuff to proxy for more so I had to cut down my list to fit around the number of points they each had.

So without further ado Battle Report #1
My first battle this month was with a man named Joe who had brought his Chaos Warriors to battle. At first I was worried, because one, I never fought Warriors of Chaos before, and had no idea what they could do, and how to go about them. Apparently they are a very good close combat army. And of course Skaven are not known for this, so we shall see what happens.

So for the first battle my opponent had 2264 points army, well after cutting my down a bunch i didn't want to bother trying to match that total so I took around 2100 with the following

The List:
Skaven ( 2139 )

Throt The Unclean
Grey Seer (Which I took pretty naked as far as items)
Spells: Scorch, Warp lightning, Plague, and 13th

#1 Warlock Engineer(lvl 1) with Warplock Condenser and Dispell scroll
Spells: Warp Lightning
#2 Warlock Engineer(lvl 0) with Doom rocket --One purpose, to get that rocket off
Chieftain /BSB

18 Rat Ogres with Packmasters and Gnawtooth (special packmaster)
30 Clanrats Full command
20 Slaves
20 slaves

2x Warp Lightning Cannons

Warriors of Chaos ( 2264 )

Sorcerer Lord
Chaos Lord

BSB with Banner of Wrath
and others

3 Very large units of Chaos warriors which were full command two with mark of Khorne, another with Mark of Tzeentch

He also had Chaos Knights Full command Mark of Khorne.

He also another unit of Maruder Horsemen that had the Mark of Nurgle.

On deployment:
I laid out my Doomwheel on my right flank coupled with a unit of skaven slaves, had warplightning cannons one on each back corner. Rat Ogres(Throt) up the middle, with the Clanrats (Seer, #1 Warlock Engineer) of to its right side, and the other unit of slaves on its left.

Warriors of Chaos:
He basically had his calvary units on each flank, and had all his chaos warriors up front. Each housing a Lord or Hero, also a Hero with his heavy cav,

Mutation: From Gnawtooth, a 2 was rolled which means Regeneration to the Rat Ogres Unit.

First Turn:
WoC go First:
They mainly advance as far as they could, as they want to get into melee combat as quick as possible. He did take 1 str 4 hit from the forest he tried walking through.
During his magic phase (5 + 2), he does pull out my Dispel Scroll on a successful cast of his attempt at Infernal Gateway. All other spells were dispelled.

I had my Doomwheel go forward, matched up against one of his calvary amd my Rat Ogres advances.
During the shooting, my Doomwheel kills at a str 8 2 of his calvary, and then for my warp lightning cannons, I did a special number, by landing the template exactly on top of his heavy cav (which take out 4 of the 6 of them) and in the middle of a unit of chaos warriors, which took out 11 of them. (Never been this successful with cannons before), and then i fired off my doom rocket, I way over estimated the shot, he was 15 inches away so i threw 5 dice, and well, the doom rocket went 27 inches... ya, the forest behind him burnt down in flames.

During my magic phase (5+2),(I channel an extra 2 dice and get another from condenser for a total of 10 for me, 5 dispel dice for him)I get off scorch which takes out another 10 of his chaos warriors.

Post Round 1 analysis,Warriors of chaos were not happy campers. I took out close to 400 points on my first turn, and we haven't even gotten into close combat yet.

Round 2:
He decides now that he is in range, to charge my rat ogres with a unit of Chaos Warriors (which had a sorcerer in) and his Marauder Horsemen that had a chaos Lord, and one Horsemen (i might be confusing his unit between horsemen and knights as i don't know Warriors of chaos at all)
He also decides to charge a slave unit with another unit of chaos warriors.

Magic phase he doesn't get anything off.
We start with the big rat ogre vs his two units. Now Rat Ogres are only initiative 4, so he gets all his attacks in first. He ends up making 5 wounds, but all but one was saved due to regeneration on the rat ogres.
Now the rat ogres get to attack back (60 attacks at str 5) I dedicate 20 attacks (10 to his chaos lord, 10 to his "rank and file" cav. Then 40 attacks against the Chaos Warrior Unit. Overall I get 22 wounds, His chaos lord survives, but other than that a lot of damage is done to the Chaos Warriors. He loses combat and flees, i am able to run down his unit of Chaos warriors who rolled a 2 for flees(double 1s..ouch) but come up short for pursuing his chaos lord by one inch. (his three dice he rolled a 7, and i rolled a 6 on pursuit on 2 dice.

As for the slaves combat, they were able to luckily do 3 wounds to his Chaos Warriors, but then explode in delight doing another 4 str 4 hit but only wounding with one of them.

Doomwheel turns and charges his horsemen (destroying all but 1 which flees) and my rat ogres also goes and attacks another unit of Choas warriors, basically destroying that unit as well.

Magic, I only got off a warp lightning bolt doing 4 wounds. and my shooting with cannons only took out a couple more guys, but nothing special like the first round.

By the end of my turn, Choas warriors had lost both his Lords, and one of his heros, and he decided it was time to shake hands.

Overall I think the Throt Ogre combination in 8th edition is quite awesome. At movement 6 and initiative 4 , they can get around which is nice. Complementing with the grey seer for magic defense and some offense. But my focus was to use the Ogres to kill and pursue. Also I got quite lucky with the warp lightning cannons. And doomwheel finally didn't die.


  1. Yeah, fighting the large block of Rat Ogres is a concern a lot of people seem to be having in the online community.

    At least I have some ideas to fight it :). Of course, I'm not going to let you proxy that unit, which will help, haha ;).

  2. I will have to start repairing my half eaten Rat Ogres then :)

  3. That actually could be a fun project, haha. It'll be your first experience attempting to sculpt, which is a FANTASTIC skill to have (I don't have it :( ).