Thursday, July 8, 2010

Warhammer Risk

Today I went to the bunker to play a game of warhammer, and while there they were starting up a "campaign" map quest. Which happens to start next Thursday. They are going to allow players to signup till Tuesday.

Basically there is a huge hex map, probably with 100 locations that a player can start at. We began tonight by drawing numbers to see who can pick their territory first. I got the lucky number 1, and chose a position in the upper left corner, which has less borders to other land area. Though I need to be careful, because I do touch a lot of ocean. Unfortunately two areas down is freaking Scooter who has a nasty Lizard army... He loves running his slann within the temple gaurd.

So from what I understand from the rules in this case is that each army starts at 1500 points and each week every player gets a turn. Which happens on a Thursday. Players are allocated so many movement points. So one can use their movement points to attack other players, claim different resources, build a port from their towns.

The ports allow an army to attack any other army that touches water.
Which is good and bad for me, if I can get a port, I can expand, at same time I need to be able to defend what I have.

Also for each 10 hexadecimals (wide and tall) you own(basically each area is 10 hex wide and tall) you get 100 extra points. So that I can have a 1600 point army if i expand to the development below me which no one has taken yet.

This will be my first event of any kind and should be fun. This will also get me to play at least one game a week, which is what I was hoping and have time for anyways.

Not sure how long this will take, but I already have made some alliances with Tyler, who so happens to be playing Warriors of Chaos, and who I also played against, and will have that battle report up in the next day or so.

When I know more rules, or rules are more clarified, i will have them posted, but for now this is what I know, and I am planning on having fun with it. Now I need to start building those rat ogres:)


  1. Ahhhh, campaigns. Always a lot of fun. Look forward to seeing how it progresses for you!

  2. you should join. Just once a week action

  3. For the moment, more time than I can commit ;)