Saturday, July 3, 2010

Battle Report #2

My second game was against a kid named Tyler. He also brought Warriors of Chaos.
This time we played just 2000 points. But since I only had the models which I had brought for my earlier game, the list looked very similar, just trimmed down in some aspects.

Skaven (1960): (Didn't reallyl care about matching 2000 even though i guess i could have thrown in an extra unit of slaves.
Lords and Heros:
Throt the unclean
Grey Seer (dispell scroll)
lvl1 Warlock engineer with condenser

18 Rat Ogres with Gnawtooth and a few more pack masters
30 clan rats
20 slaves

Doomwheel, and 2 Warplightning Cannons

Warriors of Chaos(Woc)(2001):
Socerer Lord with infernal book of secrets
lvl 1 wizard, and a fighty hero.

He has a couple units of Chaos warrios,
Mauraders, exalted ones, chaos war hounds, chaos knights. And some unit that can come on the board on a 5+ first round, 4+ second round and so on.

Mutation: gnawtooth rolls a 1, which is regen again for the RO.

1st round:
WoC goes first, and they advance
As for spells, they do get 7 str 7 hits into the Rat Ogres, doing 5 wounds with out me allowing a save. So now im down to 17 Rat Ogres :( ..hehe

Rat ogres move up 6 inches, Doom wheel treads 13 inches and the clanrats are trying to stay safely behind, because he knows that his opponent has a unit that can infiltrate from behind on a 5+ the first turn 4+ the second and so forth.(Not sure what they were called. But the clan rats do move a little up.

Magic (5 + 1):Dont get anything off.
Shooting, the WLC only kill 4 guys total, and the Doomwheel kills one.

2nd Round:
Woc decides to back off a little getting scared of the rat ogres coming thier way, on the flanks though they charge the doomweel, and on the unit of fast cav, try to get closer to one of the WLC.

Magic, I use my dispell scroll on his infernal gateway, out side of that he doesn't do much, and i get lucky on my dispells.

With my Rat Ogres I decide to charge, needing a high roll. Ya, I barely make it, and the rat ogres runs in the unit of chaos warrios that has his lvl 4 sorcerer. The Doomwheel also charges one of his units, which it overruns after destroying (along with taking out three of them with his shooting)

Magic phase, I draw out his dispel scroll with the spell scorch, and with only 2 dice left, i decide to use all three warpstone tokens and the two dice to cast the 13th spell. I rolled a 21 + the 4 levels of the seer, barely making the cut, and since he only had two dice left, and he failed to roll double 6s to dispell it, I use the spell to convert a unit of chaos warrors, and his lvl 1 wizard into clanrats. How nice.

Rat Ogre get 40 attacks at str 5 at his unit, and ends up doing a whopping 19 wounds. Which destroys the unit. And instead of over running, I reform and face his last unit that can do anything.
And as described above Doomwheel destroys the flanking units of the WoC.

At which point, Tyler decides to concedes the battle.

Again WoC didn't have any shooting, just combat, and my rat ogres were too much for him. Also his 'infiltrators' never did make it onto the board. Though they probably would have if the match went three rounds

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  1. I'm not really sure how Warriors are going to compete in 8th. They barely did so in 7th :-\.