Friday, July 2, 2010

Not another basement blog...

Ever since I started this blog, there has been one driving motivation. To get a basement so that I can play Warhammer there. Now the question is why haven't I blogged anything about my Warhammer experiences? Well Thats about to change. Especially now that my group of friends that do play Warhammer are having a friendly competition to see who can blog the most about tabletop games such as Warhammer, play the most games, build the most terrains/models, and paint the most models. A point for each of those categories is awarded each month. (of course it is stated that quality is better than quantity, so someone can go spray paint a hundred models, vs someone detailing a very nice single model.

The competitors:
Steve (his blog)
Ben (at his blog)
Nathan (at his blog)
BK (Dont know the site here)
Frans (My self here)
Rob (at his blog)

Now people have been complaining because they think I have all this time to blog and play, well I beg to differ. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, some just choose to prioritize less time to hobbies than others. It is not like I dont have a life, in fact I have two children who I take care of, a beautiful wife who I serve all the meanwhile of having a full time job. Soo people, stop complaining, and game on!!!!!!!
(oh and +1 for this entry :) )


  1. We'll see...

    And the number of posts don't matter. The overall quality + quantity do ;).

  2. Hey man, I'm doing what I can to resurrect these days- I'm trying to get people playing again, I'm blogging again, and doing some hobby work!